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My Canon 600D with a Tamron 18-270 zoom lens is a pretty heavy thing, something I cannot always carry around with me, I have tried compacts but was always disappointed with the quality, small sensors. So, after reading many rave reviews from some of my favourite magazines and photographers I purchased a Fujifilm X-E1. It is smaller, lighter, I carry it everywhere and the image quality is superb and I’m happy.

Then I came to convert the raw files, Photoshop CS5 does not support this camera and I would have to purchase CS6. Well that was out, Adobe assumes you are quite happy to keep upgrading. This has supposedly been addressed by the cloud based rental, but I do not want to be locked into monthly payments for the rest of my photography life. So I was looking for a alternative should I dispense with CS Photoshop and go with Lightroom or Elements?

There is already plenty written about whether Adobe Camera Raw latest version can even convert X-Trans sensors correctly and I was going through a long process to get my images into Photoshop when I came across Henry Smiths Cottage blog. He recommended that I try out the raw converter Capture One 7, so I downloaded the 60 day trial and was impressed with the program, so much so that I will use it in preference to Adobe with both my Fuji and Canon.

Here is an image taken with the Canon and converted in Capture One using just the clarity and structure slider and in Adobe using the clarity and detail slider.

raw conversion-capture   raw conversion-adobe

If you want to see Henry Smiths in-depth article: http://henrysmithscottage.com/2013/03/13/more-on-fujifilm-x-trans-raw-conversion/

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