Finding a use for an old camera, macro.

Recently I read an article about Mike Cable, a photographer who is working on a series of abstract macro’s and the interesting thing I found was that he uses a compact camera. It is a high end compact the Panasonic Lumix LX5 but it got me thinking about an old Pentax X90 that I have lurking in the cupboard that also takes images at 1 cm. Originally I purchased the camera in 2010 so I could throw it in my bag, its small and light and comes with a 26x zoom, just handy to carry around with me, but I was less than impressed with the quality of the photos. I knew it had a small sensor and struggled with strong contrast so when I dragged it out and blew the cobwebs off I wasn’t optimistic. First I had to see if the battery would charge, fortunately I had removed it from the camera at least a year and a half ago and guess what it charged straight up and works perfectly. Secondly, I had to see if I could get some images of better quality which I did by using it in aperture mode with all the settings in automatic, it seemed to know better than I did how to work and sadly, I have had to accept that.

So, this morning with camera sitting comfortably in my pocket I went down to my favourite location, the wharf, met up with friends for coffee at the open market and then went off to try out the macro.

All the shots were taken on the Macro 1cm setting with an aperture 5 and if you are interested the article can be found here

paint and mould macroPaint on the side of an old railway van

A screwI love the tiny moss growing around the small screw head

Cracked paintA small crack in the paint inhabited by a tiny spider

Weathered woodThe end of a small piece of weathered wood

bolt macroThis is part of the winding mechanism of the old crane with tiny moss

Chain and cobwebs macroA chain with cobwebs