Old mining town Moonta

Moonta, within the Copper Triangle, is a small South Australian town steeped in copper mining history. There are many old buildings still standing that were used in the mining and smelting of ore in the 19th century. Huge slag heaps overlook the old mining shafts and the surrounding land poisoned by the mining process and the sulphuric acid poured into pools on top of the heaps to leach any remaining copper from the slag. These were the days before occupational health and safety for workers and environmental protection.

Photo’s taken with my Canon 600D and Fujifilm X-E1 with an 8mm fish eye lens.

Moonta Mines engine houseEngine house at the back is the mine shaft and a huge slag heap

Moonta Mines ore crusher ruinsPart of the ore crusher ruins

Moonta Mines building structureWithin one of the buildings next to the engine house

Moonta Mines smelterThe smelter and old boiler

Moonta Mines brick wallA brick wall and flagstones below stained green from leached copper

Moonta Mines flagstone floor

Moonta Mines eroded slag heap Erosion of slag heap

Moonta Mines top of slag heap fisheyeStanding on top of slag heap using an 8mm fish eye lens

Moonta Mines fisheye viewPath to the top of the slag heap looking down on the engine house using an 8mm fish eye lens