Sculptures on the Beach

That time of year again for the Brighton Classic Sculptures. I go down every year to see the exhibits and wander around, it’s a great little spot and this year I went with two photographer friends.

The rocks this time were cover with sea creatures in a multitude of colours, printed with an inkjet that looked three dimensional. The large iron camera was a favourite and cleverly done with a print of the scene on the back closely followed by the dog constructed from rusty barbed wire.

Of course coffee and cake then lunch helped to keep our strength up and we could sit back and watch every breed of dog out taking their owners for a walk along the beach front.

art on rocksPrinted sea creatures stuck on with wheat paste

sea urchins

ammonitescamera frontLarge camera sculpture

cameraThe back of the camera showing the scene

a seat with a viewThis was a little hut constructed from timber found on the beach with a sea view


dogOne of a pack of dogs made from barbed wire

mirrorA mirror reflecting the view

amongst the rocksAmongst the rocks

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