Burnt Forests

It has been a while since I have posted due to a number of reasons but I hope to get back into it starting with Burnt Forests. Back in January we had a large bushfire that burnt 12,500 hectares of farm, forest, conservation parks and residential land with 27 houses lost. So much more could of been lost if it wasn’t for our volunteer fire fighters, the CFS from here and interstate. Just over three months later the scarred land stills gives off a strong, burnt smell but new life amongst the eucalyptus is growing.

Taken with my Canon 600D, 18-270 Tamron lens

looking skywardsThis pine forest went up quickly in flames

half burnt forestFurther down the road the fire travelled under the canopy

along the roadA road at the top of a hill with regrowth on the eucalyptsburnt forest regrowthAlong the road

burnt forest on hill

Along the road

grave stoneAll that’s left of a town called Chain of Ponds which was moved when they constructed a reservoir is a footpath and the cemetery, unfortunately the fire went straight through it causing many headstones to crack. Francis Ann Williams stone was leaning over and covered in soot.

One thought on “Burnt Forests

  1. A devastating fire Barbara, the fire fighters have done a great job of getting the blaze extinguished. Superb series of images, it’s good to see regrowth amongst the trees. I hope the houses get rebuilt and the headstone is restored.


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