Art Exhibition

Last month I placed an artwork in an art exhibition called Grey which was a combination of a handmade book and my photographs. I called the book Gray, which I find is a softer spelling, and it contained not only my images but grey items I had found. This is my book and some of the photos that were included.Book_Barbara MartinBook front cover_Barbara MartinThree Nails_Barbara Martin

Three Nails

Mountain Ash, Rainforest Vic2_Barbara Martin

Mountain Ash

Window Shutters_Barbara Martin

Window Shutter

Creeks in the Sand_Barbara Martin

Sandy Creeks

Dead Bird on Beach_Barbara Marti

Dead Bird on Beach

Dead Mallee Tree_Barbara Martin

Dead Mallee Tree

Sand Ripples_Barbara Martin

Sand Ripples

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    1. Hello Simon thanks for your comment, I was very pleased with the book myself and its given me a new outlet for my images. The exhibition doesn’t finish for another month, it’s a long one, but feedback for the book has been very positive, an added bonus.


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