Brighton Sculptures 2016

Brighton Sculptures are on again and this time I made it down with two photographer friends the day before it opened. As we finished lunch and got out our cameras out the skies became heavily overcast and the wind picked up. Why does the weather do that? By the time we had made our way along the exhibits the wind was so strong it was almost impossible to take a steady shot, never mind lunch and coffee was good.

Pomegranate tree boat

The Pomegranate Tree Boat

Voluptuous bird bath

A Voluptuous Bird Bath

Self portrait in utero

A portrait of me in the sculpture ‘In Utero’




Groper (a type of fish)

Lion hearted

Lion Hearted



One thought on “Brighton Sculptures 2016

  1. Hi Barbara. Seems like only yesterday since last year’s Brighton Sculptures. The 2016 sculptures look wonderful. I really like the portrait of you reflected in the sculpture ‘In Utero’. I’ve also found the weather takes a turn for the worse as soon as I reach for my camera … the wind and rain seems to have the ability to sense a photographer’s presence!


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